Saturday, August 19, 2017

You probably can't relate but who cares

its always like this
everytime i like someone its unrequited
and every time someone likes me i dont like them back

why does he have to be younger
i feel weird if i keep liking him back

why does he have to be outspoken
i would be uncomfortable talking about things

why does he have to be spontaneous
i might feel bad if i decline things

why does he have to be so romantic
i have no idea what to respond its cringey but cute but whatever

fyi i dont mean to sound clichè & complain about my love life
like i know everything will be alright
and it will make sense gradually

its just that im quite worried
at this age
i still cant figure out what the hell is going on with my heart

why cant i be brave
why keep playing push and pull
why so stiff in front of crush
why cant i do something about the way i feel

and why keep making excuses
that we girls better wait eventho its impossible

how can he possibly know
if u just acting like creepy secret admirer
without giving any signals

like what do u expect from this silly scenario to be?
r u even on ur right mind?
unless u r super gross rich or freakin pretty,
u will never be able to get a prince charming
so wake up

- R, this is not a poem just so u know

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