Tuesday, June 9, 2015


1. Dress up and have a photoshoot with my best friends in studio

2. Cover a song in studio

3. Own a cool home theater

4. Buy hardisk
    320 GB, 500 GB (2), 1000 GB

5. Go camping in the woods

6. Followed by famous person on twitter
Pleasure Ellis, Tinashe, Yoko Ono, Jenni Hogan, Justin Bieber, Meilin Gray, Kam Bennett

7. Go to
    Japan, China, England, South Korea, Thailand, Italy, Singapore, Greece, USA, Australia, Brazil, Netherlands, India, France, Hongkong, Hawaii, Malaysia, Canada, Makkah, Africa, Spain, Germany, Swiss, Bali, Papua, Medan, Aceh, Jogja, Vietnam, Dubai, Macau, Belitong

8. Ride a camel

9. Hold a penguin

10. Be taller (at least 158cm)

11. Learn how to play tennis

12. See a monster

13. Have an adventure in amazon

14. See anaconda

15. Own a shop

16. Go Kart

17. Try
Pizza (fruits), Dim Sum, Lemon cake, Gelato, Ddukbokki, Takoyaki, Nasi lemak, Thai pinneapple fried rice, Some delicious dumplings, Goguma, Chicken curry, Mochi (Cheese, Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate, Durian, Original), Kimchi, Real cocoa, Blueberry, Gingerbread, Fried ice cream

18. Ride a hovercraft

19. Own a treehouse

20. Swim in an infinity pool

21. Learn how to ride a horse

22. Watch sunrise with someone

23. Water Sport
      Fly fish, Rolling Doughnut, Scuba Diving, Banana boat, Jet Ski

24. Skydiving

25. Skiing

26. Learn how to play piano

27. Write a novel

28. Volunteering

29. Fall asleep under the stars

30. Own a personal library

31. Meet my idols

32. Win a competition

33. Accepted by my dream college

34. Ride a helicopter

35. Explore the cave

36. Enter a large aquarium

37. Attend a concert

38. Bungee jumping

39. Enter a hot spring bath

40. Bake a cake

41. Have a road trip with friends

42. Be a famous writer

43. See an aurora

44. See a comet

45. Be a designer          

46. Attend my elementary school reunion

47. Experience winter

48. Experience autumn

49. Visit a castle

50. Own a polaroid

51. Go to floating market

52. Watch turtles

53. Find or build a secret room

54. Own a handycam

55. Own an SLR

56. Be able to drive a car

57. Ride subway / train

58. Watch musical (live)

59. Play a game/mission with friends

60. Design my own dream house

61. See cherry blossom

62. Buy my parents something cool

63. Have a fantastic birthday party

64. Part-time job during college

65. Visit Disneyland, Universal

66. Enter chocolate factory

67. Enter the pyramid

68. Eat in a unique restaurant
Nanny's Pavillion

69. Go to beach with friends in 2 days

70. Visit a cool museum
Madam Tussaud

71. Win the lottery

72. Rock-climbing

73. Own a closet full of my clothes

74. Ride an elephant

75. Try TOEFL

76. Paint something beautiful

77. Visit a big theme park

78. Visit a wonderful tunnel

79. Visit a large maze garden

80. Play in the mud flat

81. Buy a cake for each members of my family on their birthday

82. Go fishing on the lake or river

83. Visit a festival in another country

84. Play around with friends in a practice room (in front of mirrors)

85. Received a wonderful gift from someone

86. Go overseas with my entire family

87. Attend my best friend's wedding

88. Visit a unique village
      Dragon Village (Kampung Naga)

89. Own an underground room

90. Party on a yacht

91. Invited by a famous person

92. Wear hanbok

93. Wear kimono

94. Create a movie

95. Live in an apartement

96. Learn magic

97. Save someone's life

98. Launch a big party

99. Cliff jump

100. Swim under waterfall

101. Eat square watermelon

102. Watch fireworks with someone

103. Catch fireflies

104. Ride a gondola

105. Lie down in the meadow

106. Run through a field of flowers

107. Wear a couple tee

108. Archery

109. Own a private jet

110. Go to old bookstore market

111. Own an hourglass

112. Be in a movie

113. Be in a magazine

114. Be in a newspaper
       Interviewed 3x, Poetry, As winner of design competition

115. Hike to Machu Picchu

116. Go on a picnic with friends

117. Visit a circus

118. Bury a time-capsule

119. Fire a gun

120. Visit Grand Canyon

121. Decorate my own bedroom

122. Buy a new bicycle

123. Go to Wizarding World of Harry Potter

124. Be in a band
       Summer, Flushback

125. Own a karaoke machine

126. Donate blood

127. Been to a therapist

128. Hold a snake

129. Give a large amount of money to charity

130. Get into film-making
       When I was 8 (Friend’s music video)

131. Own a polaroid

132. Star gaze from a rooftop

133. Get lost somewhere a whole day

134. Make a friend with famous person

135. Take a photo with celebrity

136. Visit a horror place

137. Watch a live magic show

138. Go to sauna

139. Go fruit picking

140. Smell the smelly tofu

141. Go on a biking trip

142. Buy a meal for a homeless person and have a conversation

143. Make a friend with stranger

144. Jump on trampoline

145. Ride a boat on the river

146. Meet a cancer survivor

147. Hug a panda

148. Look out of a telescope

149. Eat pizza in Italy

150. Sneak out at night and do something fun with friends

151. Acknowledged by famous person

152. Visit a shrine

153. Own a dreamcatcher

154. Buy an album photo then put my past photos there

155. Enter Boscha in Bandung

156. Enter a large labyrinth

157. Go to the beautiful hill

158. Ride on a double decker bus

159. Find treasures

160. Find my ideal guy

161. Cook new recipes, create my own

162. Be famous thru internet

163. Meet my childhood friends
       Michael (When I was 12 at clinic)

164. Visit cheesecake factory

165. See a shooting star

166. Go overseas with a group of friends

167. Stay in a hut in the middle of forest

168. Plant a tree and watch it grow

169. Learn how to knit

170. Have a conversation with a foreigner
Korean, Portuguese

171. Fingerprint test

172. Visit an alive museum

173. Own a cute hoodie

174. Go to amusement park with friends

175. Self camera on viking (Amusement park)

176. Shark cage swimming

177. Create a song

178. Ride a unicycle

179. Let go of a floating lantern

180. Escape

181. Write a love letter

182. Ride in a hot air balloon

183. Perform on a stage
At school (Choir, band, vocal group, duet, drama), at mall (Band)

184. Hold an owl

185. Visit an animal sanctuary

186. Find a four leaf clover

187. Get ice cream from an ice cream truck

188. Selfie with a lion or wild animals

189. Eat at a japanese buffet

190. Make an important decision with a coin toss

191. Ride in a limo

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